Kasper Moth-Poulsen

Professor; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Head of Division Applied Chemistry

Prof. Kasper Moth-Poulsen (b. 1978-07-07) is a young research leader in the field of nano-chemistry, energy storage materials and synthetic chemistry. His research activities focus on the development of methods to address single molecules and innovative technologies for solar thermal energy storage. The objective is to make materials from nanoparticles, nanorods and tailor made small molecules for a broad range of applications ranging from single molecule electronics to sensors and renewable energy technologies. KMP studied organic chemistry at the University of Copenhagen where he obtained the Cand. Scient. (2003) and Ph.D. (2007) degrees under supervision of prof. Thomas Bjørnholm. After the Ph.D. degree, he worked as a post doc. in the Bjørnholm lab. Early 2009, he continued his career abroad as a post doctoral associate at the College of Chemistry at U.C. Berkeley, where he worked with professors Rachel Segalman and Peter Vollhardt. In 2011 KMP was recruited to Chalmers University of Technology, as an assistant professor. In 2014 he was promoted to associate professor. Since 2014 KMP is scientific coordinator of Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory.

KMP has received several grants and awards, including an ERC starting grant (1.5 M€), SSF future research leaders grant (10 MSEK), Wallenberg Academy Fellow Grant (12.5 MSEK), Thieme Chemistry Journal Award 2014. He has also received the prestigious stipend from HM King Carl XVI Gustaf's foundation for science, technology and the environment for his work on molecular solar thermal systems.
Chemistry for Engineers (KTK111),
Molecular Electronics (MCC075),

Nanoscience (MCC026)

KMP leads a growing research group of approximately 10 PhD students, 6 post docs and a number of Bachelors, Masters and visiting students.

Post Docs
Dr. Sarah lerch
Dr. Robson Rosa da Silva
Dr. Behabitu Ergette
Dr. Johnas Eklöf
Dr. Jessica Orrego Hernandez (from jan 2019)
Dr. Hakan Bildirir (from jan 2019)
PhD Students (as main supervisor)
Elham Hosseini Bab Anari
Maria Quant
Ambra Dreos
Zhihang Wang
Xin Wen
Alicja Stolas
PhD Students (as co-supervisor)
Joakim Löfgren (w. prof. Paul Erhart)
Mads Mansø (w. prof. M.B. Nielsen, Univ. Copenhagen)
Anna Pekkari (w. prof. Hanna Härelin)
Ida Östergren (w. prof. Christian Müller)
Axel Olesund (w. prof. Bo Albinsson)

​For more information about the research group see   www.moth-poulsen.se 

For CV see   http://moth-poulsen.se/KasperMoth-Poulsen.html   

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