Karin Björklund

Senior Researcher, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Water Environment Technology

Karin is Senior Researcher in the Division of Water Environment Technology, research theme Urban water and contaminated materials, at Chalmers.
Karin's research focuses on the occurrence, sources and treatment of pollutants (mainly organic pollutants) in stormwater. The research includes evaluating and developing methods to measure pollutants and techniques to remove them, through both laboratory and field experiments. Partitioning of pollutants between different phases (e.g., particulate, colloidal, dissolved phases and emulsions) is crucial for developing efficient treatment techniques. Therefore, characterization of particles, colloids and pollutants, as well as sampling of pollutants, in different phases is an important part of the research. If we understand their fate, we can also develop better models to simulate the transport of pollutants with stormwater to the environment. The goal of the research is to understand how pollutants behave in the environment and where they eventually end up, and to develop efficient methods for treating contaminated stormwater.

Different types of decision support can facilitate planning and implementation of sustainable stormwater systems. Karin's research therefore also includes developing a framework to strategically and transparently select the best possible technology for stormwater treatment in urban environments.

The results are of interest to stakeholders responsible for the protection of stormwater and recipient water quality, such as landowners, municipalities, and traffic and environmental administrations.
  • BOM350 – Hydrology and stormwater (year 3,  TKSAM/TISAM)
  • ACE090 – Sustainable Urban Water Engineering (year 1 or 2, MPIEE)
  • BOM290 – Fundamental physics, chemistry and acoustics (year 1, TAFFS)
  • Supervisor degree projects, bachelor’s and master’s theses in Civil Engineering (ACEX10, ACEX20, ACEX30, ACEX60)

Published: Fri 05 Jul 2013. Modified: Thu 15 Aug 2019