Josef Wideström

Director of Studies
Lecturer in Interaction Design
M. Arch.

Josef Wideström is working as a full time lecturer at Chalmers University of Technology, teaching in interaction design and visualization. He is also working on a PhD thesis in Digital Representation, focusing on the unification of physical and digital spaces. This work is carried out in collaboration with Gothenburg Museum of Nature History, The Crisis Response Lab at the University of Gothenburg, and other organisations where the relations between physical and digital spaces can be studied from a design perspective.

He has been involved in research projects at Chalmers and University of Gothenburg since 1999, contributing with an expertise in visualization and digital representation. He was the manager of Chalmers VR CUBE for five years, beeing involved in more than 20 different research projects.

Josef Wideström is an architect by education, with a M.Arch from Chalmers in 1998. He has continued to work with his own architecture practice, using his projects both as empiric material for research as well as examples in teaching.

Published: Thu 24 Aug 2017.