John Johansson

Researcher, Department of Space, Earth and Environment, Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing

John Johansson is researcher in the Optical remote sensing group. In his studies he focused on spectroscopic methods for measuring gas emissions from oil refineries and petrochemical industries. Using the methods SOF and Mobile DOAS he performs measurements of total emission fluxes of VOCs, SO2, NO2 and formaldehyde. In his role as a researcher he has participated in several large scale measurement studies in Houston, Texas, the main hub of the North American oil industry, in close cooperation with state authorities, University of Houston and a large number of air quality researchers.
​To see which research projects John Johansson participates in, please visit the database Chalmers research.
John also spends part of his time working for the company FluxSense AB which is headed by researchers in the group and performs similar measurements commercially.

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