Jessica Wehner

Doctoral student, Technology Management and Economics

Jessica Wehner is a doctoral student at the division of Service Management and Logistics. Her research focuses on how energy can be used more efficiently in freight transportation and logistics. The aim of her research is to identify "how" and "where" the potential of energy efficiency can be brought to life not only to reduce the energy consumption in the freight transport sector, but also to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and to enhance sustainability.

Jessica worked as course assistant and/or thesis supervisor during the years:

Sustainable supply chain management, examiner: Árni Halldórsson
TEK188 Marketing and distribution Management, examiner: Ola Hultkrantz
ITR362 Sustainable logistics, examiner: Árni Halldórsson
Bachelor's thesis supervision, examiner: Violeta Roso
TEK585 Supply chain management, examiner: Ola Hultkrantz
ITR362 Sustainable logistics, examiner: Magnus Blinge
ITR362 Sustainable logistics, examiner: Henrik Ringsberg,
TEK122 Freight Transport Systems, examiner: Violeta Roso
TEK285 Logistics and Supply Chain Management, examiner: Gunnar Stefansson
ITR233 Logistik, examiner: Peter Olsson

Published: Mon 24 Sep 2018.