Jens Forssén

Professor, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Applied Acoustics, Vibroacoustics

Jens is professor at the Division of Applied Acoustics, research group Vibroacoustics, at Chalmers. His area of research is outdoor sound propagation. The research deals mainly with physical modelling and numerical methods, but measurements is also an integral part.

Among the research topics are: general outdoor acoustics, i.e. effects of meteorology, terrain and ground conditions, sound propagation in urban environments, sound propagation to inner yards, road and rail traffic noise, wind turbine noise, noise barriers, performance of noise barriers in conditions of atmospheric turbulence, statistical parameters of urban acoustics and auralization of road vehicles and urban acoustics.
​Teaching “Building Acoustics and Community Noise” (VTA125)
Coordinating “Sound and Vibration Measurements” (VTA073)

Page manager Published: Mon 15 Apr 2019.