Jasmina Maric

Senior Lecturer, Interaction Design and Software Engineering division, Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
ORCID-id: 0000-0002-3895-6089

Dr Jasmina Maric is a Senior Lecturer at the Interaction Design and Software Engineering, CSE, Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden. Jasmina holds PhD in Communication and Information Science from Tilburg University in 2014. She is interested in the topics of HCI, specifically focused on user experience, design, aesthetics, art, applied gaming and social networking for real-world problem implementation. Jasmina teaches at the Interaction Design department focusing on Designing UX, UI, Methodology, and Information Visualization.

Jasmina explores the realm of new media art. Her artistic contributions span from fiction writing to minimal digital and collaborative art. Jasmina’s recent collaboration with the Opera House in Gothenburg, the Meet the Ministry project, explored interdisciplinary and interinstitutional collaborative art for informal learning and social capital acquisition. Her work on MAGNETS was another example of collaborative art and a strong critique of European divisions.

Meet the Ministry

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