Jan-Philipp Steghöfer

Associate professor, Interaction Design and Software Engineering division, Computer Science and Engineering.

Personal Homepage.

You can find me at Campus Lindholmen, Jupiter Building, Room 417.

My research is focused on the three areas: making software development more transparent by using traceability techniques, making computer systems more flexible and robust by using techniques of self-adaption and self-organisation, and making software engineering education more effective and enjoyable by using elements of serious games and evidence-guided reflection.
DIT347   Software Development Methodologies
DAT257   Agile Project Management
DAT255/DAT256 — Software Engineering Project
DIT037 — Change Management Project
DIT545 — Software Processes
DIT548 — Software Process Improvement
DIT945 — Model-Driven Software Development
Self-organising, adaptive Systems (at the University of Augsburg)

I always have a number of Bachelor and Master thesis topics available. Please check the SE Division's thesis project page for more details.
For a list of my publications, please see my Google Scholar profile, my DBLP page, or my ResearchGate profile.

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