Henrik Ström

Assistant Professor

Henrik Ström is an Assistant Professor in Multiphase Flow and Energy Technology. His position is shared between the Division of Fluid Dynamics and the Division of Energy Technology. The main focus of his research is on the mathematical modelling of multiphase flows in industrial processes related to energy production (e.g. fixed-bed combustion), phase changes (e.g. boiling) and pollution control (e.g. exhaust gas aftertreatment). Additional areas of specific interest involve transport processes and chemical reactions in rarefied particulate flows, as well as the development of efficient tools for the numerical investigation of complex multiphase flows involving more than two phases.
​TME055 - Fluid mechanics
​Henrik on <a href="http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=cyGC5yEAAAA">Google Scholar</a>

Published: Wed 06 Mar 2013. Modified: Mon 04 Sep 2017