Hampus Karlsson

PhD; Dep. of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry; Lars Evenäs group

Earlier publications:

Karlsson, H., Baronti, L., & Petzold, K. (2020). A robust and versatile method for production and purification of large-scale RNA samples for structural biology. RNA, 26(8), 1023-1037.

Schlagnitweit, J., Steiner, E., Karlsson, H., & Petzold, K. (2018). Efficient detection of structure and dynamics in unlabeled RNAs: the SELOPE approach. Chemistry–A European Journal, 24(23), 6067-6070.

Baronti, L., Karlsson, H., Marušič, M., & Petzold, K. (2018). A guide to large-scale RNA sample preparation. Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 410(14), 3239-3252.

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