Ahad Hamednia

PhD student, Electrical Engineering

Ahad Hamednia is a PhD student in the Mechatronics research group.
He is a part of a project on “Multi-CORE - Multi-Level Control for Robust Integrated Vehicle Energy Management”. The goal of this project is to develop control architecture and algorithms for predictive energy management, with the aim to optimize energy efficiency of hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) powertrains. The main objective is to extend the control architecture to include robust and complete powertrain control, integrating in a model predictive framework engine management settings, electric systems, waste heat recovery and exhaust gas aftertreatment. Customer demands and ever stricter legislations with the goal to mitigate environmental impact and reduce dependence on fossil fuels are driving factors for improving the energy efficiency and decreasing harmful emissions of vehicles.
He received both his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Control and his master's degree in Electrical Engineering, Control and Industrial Automation in Iran.

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