Haizhou Wu


Haizhou Wu is a researcher at the division of Food and Nutrition Science. His research is mainly focused on developing new technologies for stabilization of seafood by-products against lipid oxidation, specifically by removing/deactivating blood/Hb or by adding smart antioxidant solutions. In his project, studies are done in various models, ranging from isolated fish erythrocytes up to whole fish by-products. The aim is to raise the value of seafood by-products so they can be recycled back into the food chain. The project will hereby contribute to a circular economy and increased potential for industrial symbiosis.
​Wu, H., Yin, J., Zhang, J., & Richards, M. P. (2017). Factors Affecting Lipid Oxidation Due to Pig and Turkey Hemolysate. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 65(36), 8011-8017.

Wu, H., Yan, W., Zhuang, H., Huang, M., Zhao, J., & Zhang, J. (2016). Oxidative stability and antioxidant enzyme activities of dry-cured bacons as affected by the partial substitution of NaCl with KCl. Food chemistry, 201, 237-242.

Wu, H., Zhuang, H., Zhang, Y., Tang, J., Yu, X., Long, M., & Zhang, J. (2015). Influence of partial replacement of NaCl with KCl on profiles of volatile compounds in dry-cured bacon during processing. Food chemistry, 172, 391-399.

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