Gustav Sjöblom

PhD, Assistant Professor, Technology Management and Economics (on leave)

Gustav Sjöblom has a PhD in History (University of Cambridge, 2010) and is an assistant professor in the history of technology.

Gustav’s research primarily deals with the governance of transport systems and the use of information technology. He leads the research project Innovation intermediation and adoption of digital computing by Swedish business” (funded by the Handelsbankens research foundations, 2015–2018).

Gustav teaches the history of technology and sustainable development.

Gustav is the Vice-Chair for Europe of SHOT SIGCIS (Society for the History of Technology Special Interest Group Computers Information and Society).
​Gustav Sjöblom is examiner for the following courses: TEK486 Grön IT och innovation, ITS023 Teknik för ett globalt, hållbart samhälle, TEK390 Ingenjören och samhället.

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