Göran Lindahl

Associate Professor/Head of Division Building Design, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Construction Management

Göran Lindahl is an Associate Professor at the Division of Construction Management at Chalmers. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Tampere Technical University between 2011 - 2016. Göran is active in both research and education. His focus is primarily on Project Management and Facilities Management, often from a client perspective. Topics related to his research are organisation, management, design processes including issues of participation and stakeholder management. Particular focus in research is on planning of workplaces and health care facilities and issues related to usability. He is also active in research related to energy issues and the built environment. In education focus is on project management, facilities management, governance in and of the construction sector.

Active in Center for Health Care Architecture, CVA and Center for Management of the Built environment, CMB

​Coordinator for masters program Design and Construction Project Management, DCPM.

Responsible for:
BOM011 Construction Governance (DCPM)
BOM180 Design Management (DCPM)
LBT201 Fastighetsutveckling (AE)
LBT815 Facilities Management (AE)
Coordination of master’s thesis process at the unit.

Participates in courses:
BOM015 Project Management
BOM135 Real Estate Finance end Economics
IBY015 Service Management for Construction and Facilities
In addition to the above participates in several courses on both under graduate and graduate level at Chalmers as well as at other Universities.

Published: Mon 12 Aug 2013. Modified: Fri 15 Jun 2018