Fredrik Kahl

Full Professor, Research group leader, Electrical engineering

Fredrik Kahl is a Full Professor and leader of the Computer Vision Group. My research interests include optimization, geometry, machine learning, medical image analysis and mathematics in general.

NEWS! (March 2021) Dr. Jennifer Alvén wins the Best Swedish Thesis Award in Image Analysis 2019-2020. Congratulations! The prize is a continuation of the Best Nordic Thesis Award which was canceled due to Corona. This is the fifth time I am involved, either as a proud supervisor or recipient!
- Jennifer Alvén, Best Swedish Thesis Award 2019-2020: Combining Shape and Learning for Medical Image Analysis.
- Petter Strandmark, Best Nordic Thesis Award 2013-2014: Discrete Optimization in Early Vision.
- Carl Olsson, Best Nordic Thesis Award 2009-2010: Global Optimization in Computer Vision: Convexity, Cuts and Approximation Algorithms.
- Jan-Erik Solem, Best Nordic Thesis Award 2005-2006: Variational Problems and Level Set Methods in Computer Vision - Theory and Applications.
- Fredrik Kahl, Best Nordic Thesis Award 2001-2002: Geometry and Critical Configurations of Multiple Views.

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