One of the major concerns when it comes to nuclear power production is the potential for accident. Such accidents can vary from very small, limited to on-site, to major, worldwide affecting. Meaning, that the continued use of nuclear power requires the evaluation of different aspects of an accident. This, to better understand nuclear power accidents but also to make it possible to find mitigating action that can be taken during an accident. This can be done on both a massive experimental scale, as well as in smaller bench-scale works.

At Chalmers, the focus has generally been put on the chemistry regarding different fission products. Such work falls in the so-called source term evaluation of a fission product. Where several aspects of a fission product are evaluated and at Chalmers, the focus is on the chemistry.

The focus of this PhD-work has been on the Tellurium fission product chemistry, mainly in the gas-phase. However, work has also been done in regard to the fission product Molybdenum. The latter work has mainly focused on the specific compound Cesium Molybdate

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