Erik Eriksson

Postdoctoral researcher, PhD, Technology Management and Economics

Erik Eriksson (formerly Olsson) is a researcher with an interest in organization, management, and improvement of public services in general, and healthcare in particular.

The bulk of his research sits at the intersection of public management, service management, and public administration. Specifically, this research focuses on co-production, collaborative governance, and value creation. In a wider social context, his research also theorizes how management of welfare services risks perpetuating and reproducing power structures.

Erik’s research methods are mainly qualitative and the approach collaborative. He often addresses social sustainability goals, such as wellbeing, equity, participation and representation. His research has appeared in journals such as Public Management Review, Journal of Health Organization and Management, and BMC Public Health.

Erik has a PhD in management and economics (2016) and a master’s degree focused on political science in public administration (2004). Between those degrees he was employed by various public service organizations, working as an official for 10 years.

Published: Wed 18 Dec 2019.