Emelie Vilhelmsson Wesén

Postdoc; Biology and Biological Engineering, Chemical Biology

Emelie Lindahl Wesén is since 2014 a PhD student in Elin Esbjörner Winters’ research group at the division of Chemical Biology. Her research is focused on studying the uptake and intracellular vesicular transport of amyloid-β, a peptide that aggregates and accumulates in the brain of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Cultured human cells are used as a disease model and the their interaction with amyloid-β is studied using primarily confocal microscopy and flow cytometry. The long-term goal of this research project is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying prion-like transfer of misfolded proteins.
​"Kemi med Biokemi" (KBT250, KBT260, KBT255), lab assistant
"Fysikalisk Kemi för K” (KFK053), lab assistant

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