Dogac Tari

PhD student, Chemistry and Chemical engineering, Energy and Material, Nuclear chemistry

Dogac’s research is focused on reactor safety for Gen IV reactors where high temperature degradation of fuel cladding materials by liquid Pb and Pb-Bi eutectic (LBE) alloys is present. Liquid Pb and LBE are proposed to be used as coolants in GenIV fast reactors. The information for interaction between fuel matrix, cladding materials and mentioned liquid metal coolants is still insufficient. A chemical approach will be used in a joint study between nuclear chemistry and environmental inorganic chemistry.
The project aims to define the corrosion processes happening on cladding materials, during normal and accident conditions. This will help define fuel pin lifetime in the reactors. In case of a fuel pin failure, retention of potential fission products (JOG phases) in the coolants will be investigated as an additional safety barrier for these reactors.

Page manager Published: Tue 14 Sep 2021.