Gajanan Dattarao Surywanshi

Post Doc, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Inorganic Chemistry

I have 1 year experience in R&D Lab application Engineer. I have obtained PhD degree from NIT Warangal, India in June 2021.
My research experience comprise the study of chemical looping combustion (CLC) system and flow-chemistry.
My role as a postdoc is to study and optimize an innovative combustion technology for power generation from waste bark at low cost and with negative CO2 emission. The CLC system is adopted for thermal conversion of waste bark. A life cycle assessment is performed to understand the environmental effects of CLC technology. The overall process is modelled using simulation and experimental data to evaluate overall efficiencies and estimate the effect of operating conditions.

1. Surywanshi GD, Patnaikuni VS, Vooradi R, Kakunuri M, CO2 capture and Utilization from Supercritical Coal Direct Chemical Looping Combustion Power plant - Comprehensive analysis of different case studies, Applied Energy, 304, 117915, 2021.

2. Surywanshi GD, Pillai BBK, Patnaikuni VS, Vooradi R, Anne SB, 4-E and life cycle analyses of a supercritical coal direct chemical looping combustion power plant with hydrogen and power co-generation, Energy, 217, 119418, 2021.

3. Surywanshi GD, Pillai BBK, Patnaikuni VS, Vooradi R, Anne SB, 4-E analysis of chemical looping combustion based subcritical, supercritical and ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plants, Energy Conversion and Management, 200, 112050, 2019.

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