Dana Cuff

Visiting Professor

Dana Cuff is a professor, author, and scholar in architecture at the University of California, Los Angeles where she is also the founding Director of cityLAB, a think tank that explores design innovations in the emerging metropolis (http://www.citylab.aud.ucla.edu/). Since receiving her Ph.D. in Architecture from Berkeley, Cuff has published and lectured widely about modern urbanism, the architectural profession, affordable housing, and spatially embedded computing. Dr. Cuff has spent much time in Sweden, starting at Lund in 2002 when she was the Lise Meitner Professor in the Architecture program, and more recently as a Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy advising on the future of world cities. Cuff recently received a major, multi-year award from the Mellon Foundation for the Urban Humanities Initiative, bringing together design and the humanities to investigate megacities of the Pacific Rim. Cuff will visit Gothenburg several times in 2013-2015, to advise at Chalmers and MISTRA Urban Futures about urban transformation and about advanced graduate education in design and urban studies.

Published: Thu 23 May 2013. Modified: Mon 21 Dec 2015