Cecilia Geijer

Assistant Professor,
Biology and Biological Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology

Dr. Cecilia Geijer works as an Assistant Professor at the Division of Industrial Biotechnology. She has a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Gothenburg and has been at Chalmers since 2013. Besides research and teaching, Cecilia serves as the Department’s equality representative and as a Senior Strategic Advisor in the management group of Area of Advance Energy at Chalmers.

Cecilia’s research aims to combine fundamental academic discovery and biotechnological application to develop sustainable bioproduction routes for energy carriers, chemicals and materials. Much of her research revolves around identification, characterization and application of non-conventional yeast species with interesting biotechnological traits. In addition, she works on developing baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains into efficient cell factories for consolidated bioprocesses.

Cecilia is the examiner and lecturer in the course KBT016 Biochemistry and Biotechnology and gives lectures in the courses KBT090 Industrial Biotechnology and the PhD course Industrial Biotechnology for Lignocellulose Based Processes. She is also an examiner of bachelor student projects (BBTX11).

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