Cecilia Berlin

Associate Professor at the division of Design & Human Factors, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Cecilia Berlin is Associate Professor at the division of Design & Human Factors, where her research area is Systemic Human Factors to enable Socially Sustainable Workplaces. Her research scope spans over production ergonomics, systems thinking, globalization challenges, economic effects of ergonomics, and improving human well-being and system performance in future workplaces. She also has a background in Industrial Design Engineering. The aim of her research is to create knowledge and guidelines for designing socially sustainable future workplaces to be the greatest possible enablers for human capacity and talent. Cecilia teaches in several human factors- and research methodology- related courses at Chalmers, frequently presents her work to industry and the public, and guest lectures at other universities in Sweden.
Course examiner for:
PPU215, Research Methodology in Production Projects
MPP027, Production Ergonomics and Work Design

Lecturer in:
LMU055, Människa - Teknik
MPP091, Human Factors and Ergonomics for Engineers
FPPU025, Systems Theory
PPU206, Hållbara Produktionssystem
PPU160, Production Systems
TEK336, Hållbar Utveckling 
LMU057, Ergonomi
IMSX15, Kandidatarbete Teknisk Design 
PPU235, Automatisering av produktionssystem

Published: Thu 22 Mar 2018.