Hakan Bildirir

Post-doctoral Researcher; Dep. of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry; Kasper Moth-Poulsen group

Dr. Hakan Bildirir is a post-doctoral researcher in the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department who focuses on developing novel materials to be used for green, sustainable, and alternative energy storage. Particularly, he performs the syntheses and characterisations of functional organic compounds to be used in molecular solar thermal energy storage and photon upconversion systems. Briefly, the former is applied to store the solar energy in the form of heat while latter helps to collect and convert photons more efficiently for light-to-energy related applications.
​Bildirir, H.; Gregoriou V. G.; Avgeropoulos, A.; Scherf, U; Chochos, C. L., PorousOrganic Polymers as Emerging New Materials for Organic Photovoltaic Applications: Current Status
and Future Challenges. Materials Horizons 2017, 4, (4), 546-5

Bildirir, H.; Osken, I.; Ozturk, T.; Thomas, A.; Reversible Doping of a DithienothiopheneBased Conjugated Microporous Polymer. Chemistry – A European Journal 2015, 21, (26), 9306-11.

Dadashi-Silab, S.; Bildirir, H.; Dawson, R.; Thomas, A.; Yagci, Y., MicroporousThioxanthone Polymers as Heterogeneous Photoinitiators for Visible Light Induced Free Radical and
Cationic Polymerizations. Macromolecules 2014, 47, (14), 4607-4614.

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