Atli Magnus Seelow

Dr.-Ing., Associate Professor, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Architectural Theory and Methods

Atli Magnus Seelow is an architect and architectural historian.
He obtained his doctorate (Doktor-Ingenieur) in Architectural History at Technische Universität München in 2009.

His work focuses on in the history and theory of 19th and 20th-Century architecture.
He is particularly interested in technology in modern and contemporary architecture as well as architecture in the Nordic countries.
​ARK201 – Architecture and history of technology.
ARK482 – Building as a System – Moment Nutida Arkitektur.
​Technological Progress as a Basis for Modern Architecture.
Between Nation and Globalization. Reflections on Identity in Media, Art and Architecture.
University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Institute for Art History.
University Erlangen-NürnbergInterdisciplinary Media Studies Center.
Politechnic University of Turin, Department of Architecture and Design.
Technical University Munich, Department of Architecture.
University of Iceland, Institute for History.
Member of the Icelandic Association of Architects (Arkitektafélag Íslands).
Member of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects (Bayerische Architektenkammer).
Member of the  Construction History Society (Gesellschaft für Bautechnikgeschichte).
Member of the   European Architectural History Network (EAHN).

Published: Mon 22 Apr 2013. Modified: Mon 25 Feb 2019