Arne Svensson

Professor in Communication Systems

Arne Svensson was appointed Professor in Communication Systems by the Minister of Education Per Unckel in Feb. 1993 and has been with Chalmers since april the same year. He was Head of Department for Signals and Systems from 2005 to Aug. 2016 and Head of Division of Manegement Support at Chalmers Operations Support from Sep. 2016 to Nov. 2019. He has performed research on wireless communication systems for over 30 years and has contributed to the development of the basic technologies for several of the international cellular standards currently used or under development. Arne Svensson is an IEEE Fellow with a research background in design and performance analysis for transmission of digital information on a radio channel. In the established OSI-model for data communications in seven layers, he is mainly the expert of the so-called physical layer.
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