Anneli Selvefors

Researcher at the division of Design & Human Factors, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Anneli Selvefors explores design opportunities for enabling more people to live a sustainable everyday life. Part of her research addresses how products, services and systems can be designed to enable and mediate less resource-intensive everyday activities, primarily in regard to energy conservation. Her research also addresses sustainable consumption in a wider sense and opportunities for transitioning to a circular economy. She specifically explores how product circularity can be tackled from a use(-r) perspective and what challenges and opportunities circularity entails for design. In addition to conducting research studies, Anneli also gives lectures and organises seminars at national as well as international conferences and meetings.
​Anneli is engaged in teaching activities for the Industrial design Engineering Programme, and the Design and Product Development Programme. She primarily gives lectures and supervises course projects in courses that focus on sustainable design and user-centred design. Moreover, Anneli is also engaged in supervising Master and Bachelor of Science degree projects.

Published: Fri 01 Dec 2017.