Anneli Selvefors

Researcher at the division of Design & Human Factors, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Anneli Selvefors explores what effect product design has on our use of products and resources. She focuses on energy use in households and study people’s energy behaviour, attitudes and environmental awareness in relation to product design. PhD projects are carried out in cooperation with the industry to develop solutions enabling and encouraging people to engage in energy conservation. The main research goal is to further knowledge on how design can promote pro-environmental behaviours and to highlight how behavioural science can be addressed in the traditional product development process.
​Anneli teaches and supervises student projects in the following courses: Design och produktutveckling för uthållig utveckling (PPU030), Miljöteknik och hållbar utveckling (PPU065), Brukarcentrerad produktdesign (PPU031), Produktutveckling - Behov och Krav (MMT015), and Visual brand identity and product design (MPP105). Anneli also supervises bachelor and master thesis projects.

Published: Mon 27 Aug 2012. Modified: Wed 14 Jun 2017