Anna-Lisa Osvalder

Professor at the division of Design & Human Factors, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Anna-Lisa Osvalder is professor in Human Machine Systems, senior lecturer in Ergonomics and has a Ph.D. in traffic safety (biomechanics and injury prevention). She is responsible for the human-machine research group, which focuses on the interaction between users and technology as well as human factors engineering design. Evaluation of use errors, usability problems and comfort aspects are of high interest. Application areas are complex socio-technical systems with safety aspects in focus (process control in nuclear power plants & process industries, vehicles, medial technology, aviation and shipping) as well as various ergonomic products (office chairs, computer devices, working tools, sport equipment and child restraints). Regarding complex systems, control room design is in focus; operators’ information needs of relevant process data as well as ergonomic features in the working environment. Emphasis is also made on methods for evaluation of safety aspects, design of alarm and automation systems with a resilient engineering approach. In the area of traffic safety attention is on children’s motion behaviour, comfort and safety issues during car riding, where methods for objective and subjective evaluation of sitting postures, activities and attitudes have been developed.
​Responsible examiner for master and bachelor courses in Human Machine Systems, Physical & Cognitive Ergonomics and Ergonomics Design for All. Supervisor for Ph.D. and master students in Human Factors Engineering Design and Human- Machine Systems
My three most important publications

Osvalder, A-L; Hansson, I; Stockman, I; Carlsson, A; Bohman, K; Jakobsson, L (2013): Older Children’s Sitting Postures, Behaviour and Comfort Experience during Ride – A Comparison between an Integrated Booster Cushion and a High-Back Booster. Proceedings 2013 IRCOBI Conference, 11-13 September, Gothenburg, Sweden, (IRC-13-105)

Alm, H., Osvalder, A-L. (2012). The alarm system and a possible way forward. Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation, 41 (Supplement 1/ 2012) pp. 2840-2844.

Osvalder, A-L., Bligård, L-O., Andersson, J. Thunberg, A. (2011). Visualisering av anläggningsstatus – Utformning av innovativa gränssnittspresentationer. (Visualisation of plant status – Design of innovative screen designs).
Värmeforsk Service AB, rapport nr. 1172, Stockholm.
​Chalmers Areas of Advance: Energy and Transport
​Member of the board of the Swedish Ergonomic and Human Factors Society

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