Anna Johnning

Researcher, Mathematical Sciences

Antibiotics are used to treat and prevent bacterial infections. However, the high consumption has resulted in increased prevalence of antibiotic resistance – when bacteria change so that antibiotic treatment is no longer effective – which is one of the major threats to human health today. The changes can occur through mutations in the bacterial DNA or through the acquisition of mobile antibiotic resistance genes. My research focuses on developing methods with applications within clinical diagnostics to analyze whole genome sequencing data from multiresistant bacteria. I am especially interested in prediction of resistance phenotype based on genotype.
LMA120 - Statistics and probability​
MVE051 - Mathematical statistics and discrete mathematics
MSG820 - Statistics for Physicists
​Johnning, A. (2014). Fluoroquinolone resistance in the external environment and the human gut – Analysis of bacterial DNA sequences to explore the underlying genetic mechanisms.
​Department of Infectious Disease, the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg
1928 diagnostics AB
​A member of the Gothenburg Bioinformatics Group (GoBiG) and the Gothenburg Bioinformatics Network (GOTBIN)

Published: Thu 12 Oct 2017.