Anna Aspgren

Innovation advisor

MSc in Mechanical Engineering, worked for the Ericsson Group´s defence operations for 18 years (now part of the Saab Group) in different roles ranging from project manager to head of division. As a self employed consultant worked for different public organisations like VINNOVA, Innovationsbron and Västragötalandsregionen with project management, strategic development and leadership education. Has functions related to research funding at the Foundation for Strategic Research and VINNOVA. As innovation advisor responsible for the Innovation Office Verification Funding and specifically geared toward mechanical engineering and ICT, Intellectual Asset Verification, Strategy development, gender and management of collaboration.

Since 2013 I have assisted in the PhD course ”Research Utilisation”, doing teaching and examination together with my colleagues. Currently we apply a “flipped classroom” approach, where all the material is made available on the web and where we meet students for coaching and examination only. I have prepared the e-learning material for the sessions about Intellectual Asset Inventory and Intellectual Asset Verification.

During 2013-14, we organised 13 training sessions on how to use our tool the Intellectual Assets Inventory. We’ve had more than 200 participants, including people from almost all innovation offices in Sweden. I have participated as a teacher at several occasions.


In my work, I often do seminars and workshops on various topics such as Intellectual Asset Verification, Research Utilisation and How to apply for funding.

I currently publish reports on on topics such as measuring research utili​sation and open innovation. I’m also the producer of several multimedia productions and editor of some of the cases we have presented there.


Some previous publications:


Anna Aspgren (2007). Utvärdering av VINNVINN-initativet, Vinnova Rapport VR 2007:05


Anna Aspgren, Lars Olsson (2012). Effekter för höskolenära stöd till nyföretagande i Västsverige.


Anna Aspgren, Lars Olsson (2012). Uppföljande analyser av rapporten “Effekter för höskolenära stöd till nyföretagnade i Västsverige”.


Edited report:
Elizabeth Neu Morén, Peder Hård af Segerstad (2011) Leadership Mandate Program, Vinnova report 2011:06

I am project manager of the Vinnova funded GoINN project, which is part of the Key Actors Program (NAP - Nyckelaktörsprogrammet) including universities such as Gothenburg, Linköping, Karlstad, Luleå, Umeå, and Uppsala. I am also project manager of the Vinnova funded MuCh-project, aiming to design a Chalmers model for valuation and development of research collaboration.

I am a member of Swedish Network for Innovation and Technology Transfer Support (SNITTS) and collaborate in various ways, for example through participating in organising conferences and courses, and doing seminars. I do also take part in SNITTS Special Interest Group Impact.


I do have also a long experience from research centres, both as a member and chairman of the board in three different VINNOVA financed Excellence Centres, chairman of the board in a centre financed by the Foundation for Strategic Research and managed a leadership programme for centre manager on behalf of VINNOVA.

At Chalmers I am responsible for the Innovation Office verfication funding which also includes the universities in West Sweden (Borås, Halmstad, Jönköping, Skövde, Väst).

I do also have functions related to research funding at the Foundation for Strategic Research and VINNOVA, for example member of programme committees.

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