Ambra Dreos

PhD student; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry

I attended the Organic Chemistry and Biomolecular Chemistry Master program at the University of Trieste (IT), obtaining the MSc summa cum laude in December 2014.
During the Master program I could attend the spring semester courses in 2013 at the University of Southern Denmark (DK) thanks to an Erasmus scholarship.
I have been a recipient of an Erasmus Placement scholarship that allowed me to conduct the Master thesis research project at the University of Southern Denmark (DK) . The final project was entitled ”Unraveling the thermodynamics and kinetics of [2]pseudorotaxanes”, and it was performed under the supervision of Prof. J. O. Jeppesen (USD) and Prof E. Iengo (UNITS), at the University of Southern Denmark (DK) between March and September 2014.
The Master thesis final project involved multi-step organic synthesis of tetrathiafulvalene derivatives and preparation of tetrathiafulvalene and cyclobis(paraquat-p-phenylene) based [2]pseudorotaxanes, characterized using NMR spectroscopy and cyclic voltammetry. Characterization of the thermodynamic properties of the [2]pseudorotaxanes using UV-Vis adsorption spectroscopy was performed. Moreover kinetic studies upon oxidation using NMR spectroscopy at different temperatures were carried out on the [2]pseudorotaxanes.
My current project involves the design and synthesis of norbornadiene-quadricyclane molecular switches for solar energy storage.

Published: Mon 02 Jul 2018.