Ageo Meier de Andrade

Post Doc, Chemistry and Chemical engineering, Energy and Material, Environmental Inorganic Chemistry

I have experience in first-principles methods in particular materials modelling. In November 2021, I obtained my PhD degree from Uppsala University, Sweden.

My research interests comprise the study of complex materials and interfaces at the atomistic level.

As a main or co-investigator, I conducted modelling in various high-performance computers from the Swedish National Infrastructure of Computing. As a lab teacher, I contributed to different bachelor and masters level courses at Uppsala University, supporting the students and improving lab materials and environments. As a postdoc in Chalmers, my role is to apply first-principle atomistic modelling of essential sensitizing processes that would render load-bearing nickel-base alloys prone to stress corrosion cracking in nuclear power applications.

Page manager Published: Thu 07 Apr 2022.