Tomas Löfwander

Professor, Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Applied Quantum Physics Laboratory

Tomas Löfwander is doing research in theoretical physics at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2) at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. He received his master degree in engineering physics in 1996 from Chalmers, and his PhD in theoretical physics in 2001 from Chalmers. He worked as a post-doc at Northwestern University in the USA for three years and at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany for two years. After the post-doctoral work he moved back to Chalmers in 2006. His interests lie in Condensed Matter Physics in general, with emphasis on electronic quantum transport at the nanoscale for future applications in nano-electronics.

His publications include studies of Josephson junctions of high-Tc superconductors, heterostructures of superconductors and magnetic materials, and recently graphene nanostructures and single molecule contacts with graphene leads.

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