Timur Shegai

Associate Professor, Nano and Biophysics, Department of Physics

We are interested in plasmon-exciton interactions, strong coupling, surface-enhanced phenomena such as SERS and fluorescence, quantum and low temperature plasmonics, directional nanoantennas, plasmonic nanowires and various types of sensing. Our experimental work encompasses single-particle/single-molecule microscopy and spectroscopy, angle-resolved or so-called Fourier imaging, nanofabrication and electron microscopy.
The webpage of the Shegai Group can be found here:

​Master courses at Applied Physics
  • TIF120, Surface and nanophysics (7.5 hp), Examiner/Course Responsible
  • TIF030, Modern imaging, spectroscopy and diffraction techniques (7.5 hp), Examiner/Course Responsible​

Published: Mon 27 Jan 2020.