Robert Bergström

Postdoc, Department of Space, Earth and Environment, Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing

Robert Bergström works with modelling of atmospheric chemistry, transport, and deposition of air pollutants. In recent years his research has mainly focused on particulate matter from different sources – especially organic aerosol and soot from biomass combustion and other anthropogenic and biogenic emissions.
Robert has previously worked with SMHI since 1997 with the development, application and evaluation of chemical transport models. Robert defended his PhD thesis “Carbonaceous Aerosol in Europe – Out of the Woods and into the Blue?”, University of Gothenburg, in 2015.
PhotoSmog (China-Gothenburg project,,
FORMAS (Atmospheric oxidation of stress induced emissions from vegetation – its role for aerosol formation)   

To see which research projects Robert Bergström participates in, please visit the database Chalmers research.

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