Pradeep Puthan Pisharam

Industrial doctoral student at Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Division of Vehicle Safety

Pradeep Puthan is an industrial PhD student at the Division of Vehicle Safety within SAFER. Pradeep is employed at Autoliv performing research in the area of traffic safety. The objective of his current research is to develop strategies to implement and adapt Vision Zero to India and to prioritize among different countermeasures and their combinations to reduce road traffic injuries and fatalities in India. The research also serves the purpose to provide grounds for the adaption of Vision Zero in India.
Active and Passive Safety Passenger Car Technologies: Potentials to Save Lives in India. 
Conference Proceedings International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury, IRCOBI 2018-April:11–16.

Passenger car safety beyond ADAS: Defining remaining accident configurations as future priorities.​
​ESV conference 2019 ​

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