Pegah Sadat Nabavi Zadeh

PhD student; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry

PhD student at the Department of Chemical and Biological engineering since June 2013, my research focuses on studying the behavior of proteins in confining environments and improving the design of protein immobilization into mesoporous particles. This is an important area of biophysical research, due to the application of immobilized protein in mesoporous particles which is used to simplify the recycle of enzymes exploited to catalyze biotechnical reactions and also in biosensors. I am working on identifying new methods to determine the location, dynamic behavior and kinetics of the immobilized enzymes in the mesoporous particles and also characterizing the local environment in the pores of the mesoporous particles. The characterization will be done using different spectroscopic, microscopy and light scattering techniques, for example by using fluorescent probes sensitive to the local environment

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