Maria Dolores Paz Olausson

Senior researchengineer, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Environmental Inorganic Chemistry

I have done my PhD entitled “Laser surface processing for biomedical applications” at the Applied Physics Department in the University of Vigo (Spain), finishing in February 2014. The main scope of my research was the study of the behavior of the biomaterials (mainly Ti6Al4V) after being processed with different laser treatments. Before starting my PhD I graduated as a Mining and Materials Engineer from University of Vigo, winning the Spanish National Materials Engineer Award in 2006.

Since October 2013 I´m working as a Post-doc in the High Temperature Corrosion Center (HTC) at Chalmers. HTC research is helping to resolve today’s critical high-temperature corrosion issues and is providing the tools to address the new corrosion challenges brought on by the development of a sustainable energy system.

My focus area is the research of the corrosion in boilers generating electricity from biomass and waste. My last work consisted in study how the fuel change in the boiler affects the corrosion of the materials. For that purpose we expose the materials placed in probes inside some different boilers and, after that, we analyze them with different techniques at Chalmers. Now, I´m in charge of the scheduling and carrying out of the boiler exposures from the different projects of the group.

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