Magnus Hörnqvist Colliander

Senior researcher (docent), Microstructure Physics, Department of Physics

The development and improvement of experimental methods to study the micro-scale mechanics of materials in-situ have in recent years opened up new possibilities for generating more detailed knowledge and understanding of the underlying physical processes. The primary goal of the research is to understand the mechanisms behind deformation and fracture processes in structural materials, primarily for demanding high-temperature environments, to provide quantitative data regarding these processes and contribute to the development of multi-scale modelling approaches to describe the phenomena. This is achieved by:
• Developing and using methods for in-situ characterization of the micro-mechanics of both bulk materials and interfaces. The primary tools are micro-scale mechanical testing in electron microscopes and time-resolved synchrotron light and neutron scattering techniques.
• Coupling the results from these experiments to advanced modeling at all length scales from ab-initio to continuum through extensive collaboration with theoretical research groups, with the dual purpose of contributing to model development/validation and employment of models for an increased understanding of physical phenomena.

In-situ micro-mechanics of materials and interfaces


Micro-mechanical testing of single-grain cantilever manufacture by focussed ion beam milling from a Ni-base superalloy, and the resulting force-displacement data compared to a finite element simulation.

This research area is focussed on in-situ micro-mechanical testing of small-scale deformation and fracture, especially of interfaces such as grain or phase boundaries. We develop testing methods for studying these properties in-situ inside electron microscopes, and collaborate with research groups focussed on modelling and simulation at the corresponding length scales (typically through crystal plasticity/cohesive zone models of density functional theory/molecular dynamics). The challenge is to understand and predict the material properties on the micro-scale, in order to explain the macro-scale response of engineering materials.


Projects as main PI


Projects as collaborator

  • Atomistic multi-scale modelling of intergranular fracture in W (funded by the Swedish Research Council Starting Grant 2016-04162, main PI: Assoc. Prof. Per Olsson, Lund University)


In-situ neutron and synchrotron X-ray scattering

Small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) data obtained during in-situ ageing of Fe-Cr at 773 and 798 K, and the resulting early-stage kinetics of the spinodal decomposition process.

This research area is focussed on the development and application of experimental and numerical methods in order to understand the behaviour of advanced engineering materials during deformation, processing and service. In particular, we will focus on in-situ high temperature experiments at synchrotrons and neutron sources to follow intergranular strain development and phase transformations during process- or service-like conditions in materials such as superalloys, high-entropy alloys and cemented carbides. Method development activities involve e.g. ultra-high temperature furnaces for the engineering neutron diffractometer BEER at ESS, as well sample environment for in-situ nano-mechanical testing at MAX IV.


Projects as main or co-main PI
  • Self-consistent modelling for neutron scattering applications (funded by Chalmers Area of Advance Materials Science and MAXIV/ESS initiative, shared with Prof. Magnus Ekh at the Department of Applied Mechanics at Chalmers)
  • In-situ studies of microstructural evolution during processing and service of high-temperature materials (funded by the national graduate school for neutron science (SWEDNESS), which is funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF, through the grant GSn15-0008)
  • Ultra-high temperature mechanical testing at BEER (funded by the Swedish Research Council Neutron Scattering grant 2016-06945, cooperation with Linköping University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Nuclear Physics Institute, Prague).
  • Nano-mechanical testing at MAX IV (funded by Chalmers MAXIV/ESS initiative).

Projects as co-proposer

  • Multiscale modelling of plastic deformation of cemented carbides (funded by the Swedish Research Council project grant 2016-04342, main PI: Prof. Göran Wahnström at the Department of Physics at Chalmers).

We also take part in several informal collaborations focussed on in-situ or ex-situ neutron and synchrotron X-ray scattering (e.g. modelling and prediction of residual stresses in additive manufactured Ti-alloys together with Malmö University, Luleå University, University West and GKN Aerospace).


General physical/mechanical metallurgy

Stress-strain curves and strain hardening behaviour of Ni-base superalloy Haynes 282 after different heat treatments, and morphology of the grain boundary carbides responsible for the reduced ductility of the ST+A condition.

Projects as main PI


Projects as co-proposer

  • Degradation mechanisms of CVD coatings in metal machining (funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research and Sandvik Coromant through the Industrial PhD program, lead by Prof. Mats Halvarsson)
  • High temperature fatigue crack propagation in Nickel base superalloys (funded by the Swedish Energy Agency through TurboPower Phase II, lead by Linköping University, cooperation with GKN Aerospace and Siemens Inustrial Turbomachinery)
  • Heat treatment and properties of superalloy Haynes 282 (funded by VINNOVA through the 6th National Aviation and Aerospace Research Programme – NFFP6, lead by Prof. Christer Persson at the Department of Materials and Manufacturing Technology, Chalmers, cooperation with GKN Aerospace).


Other activities include a collaboration with University of Cassino and Southern Lazio on fundamentals of deformation structure evolution and dynamic recrystallization during high-strain rate deformation of OFHC copper, and studies of spinodal decomposition in collaboration in Fe-Cr with KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

This page contains a full list of publications, including conference presentations and publications not associated with Chalmers University of Technology.


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