Laura Mazzei

Post doc at Environmental Inorganic Chemistry 2/Energy and Materials/Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the division of Environmental Inorganic Chemistry, department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. My research mainly concerns the use and development of advanced neutron scattering techniques to investigate technologically relevant metal alloys. More specifically, my work focuses on the study of high temperature corrosion process happening in solid oxide fuel cells. My work also involves the use of X-ray reflectivity, nuclear reaction analysis and vibrational (Raman and IR) spectroscopy techniques. I have done my PhD at the department of Physics of Chalmers University of Technology. I concluded my PhD, with the title “Local structure and dynamics of proton and hydride-ion conducting perovskite type oxides”, in April 2019. Before starting my PhD, I obtained a master and bachelor degree in physics from “Federico II” University of Naples.

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