Krister Holmberg

Professor emeritus; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Applied Surface Chemistry

Krister Holmberg is Professor of Surface Chemistry. His research comprises novel surfactants, organic and bioorganic reactions in organized media such as microemulsions and suspensions of mesoporous materials, and controlled delivery of active substances. He maintains close contact with several companies. He is a member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and The Royal Society of Arts and Sciences. He received the l'Ordre National du Mérite au grade de Chevalier in 2000.
Surface Chemistry (master course), KTK095
Vinn Excellence Center SuMo Biomaterials
Linnaeus Centre Supra

Surfactants, mesoporous materials, organic synthesis, bioorganic synthesis, lipase, controlled release

Published: Mon 26 Sep 2011. Modified: Wed 03 Oct 2018