Ivana Tasic

Assistant Professor, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Geology and Geotechnics, Urban Mobility Systems

Ivana is appointed as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. She is affiliated with the Division of Geology and Geotechnics. Her research is focused on developing multidisciplinary approaches to enhance the performance of urban multimodal transportation systems.
​Transportation Engineering and Traffic Analysis
  • Tasic, I., R. Elvik, and S. Brewer. Exploring the Safety in Numbers Effect for Vulnerable Road Users on a Macroscopic Scale. In Accident Analysis and Prevention, No. 109, 2017, pp. 36-46.
  • Tasic, I., and R.J. Porter. Modeling Spatial Relationships between Access to Multimodal Transportation and Traffic Safety Outcomes. In the Journal of Safety Science, Vol. 82, February, 2016, pp. 325-337.
  • Tasic, I., M. Zlatkovic, P.T. Martin, and R.J. Porter. Street Connectivity vs. Street Widening: Impact of Enhanced Street Connectivity on Traffic Operations. In Transportation Research Record, Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2496, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Washington, D.C., 2015, pp. 57-68.
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