Irene Yu-Hua Gu

Full Professor, Electrical Engineering

Irene Gu is a Full Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering. She has received the PhD degree in electrical engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, in 1992. From 1992 to 1994, she was a Research Fellow at the Philips Research Institute IPO, The Netherlands, and a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Staffordshire University, U.K. She was a University Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, U.K, 1995-1996 before joining Chalmers. Since Sept. 1996, she has been with the Department of Signals and Systems (current name: Dept. of Electrical Engineering), Chalmers University of Technology, where she has been a Professor since 2004. She has coauthored over 200 journal and conference articles, and coauthored the book on Signal Processing of Power Quality Disturbances.

Irene Gu’s main research areas include statistical image analysis and video processing, machine learning and deep learning, visual object tracking and recognition, signal analysis and processing with applications to electric power systems, and biomedical image analysis for AI-assisted brain disease diagnosis.

Her current main research activities include: Biomedical image analysis for diagnosis of brain tumors and Alzheimers' disease; Privacy-protected machine learning for vehicle/traffic safety and transportation systems; Signal processing and machine learning with applications to big data analytics in power systems (finding underlying causes and patterns from disturbance and variation measurement data).
- SSY150: multimedia and Video communications (4th teaching quarter, yearly);
- FSSY070: Pattern Classification and Machine Learning (PhD course, every 2 years).


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