Eva Albers

Senior Researcher,
Biology and Biological Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology

Eva Albers is researcher in industrial biotechnology and her main research interest is to study metabolism and microbial physiology at all levels for different production organisms, mainly algae and yeast, during standard laboratory conditions as well as conditions relevant for industrial processes. An additional interest is to develop biorefinery processes for seaweed and microalgal biomass. This is achieved by applying a wide range of approaches from classical microbial and biochemical to systems biology and mathematical modeling and collaborations with several researchers at other Universities and Research institutes. She teaches courses in biochemistry and biotechnology.
KBT016 Biochemistry and biotechnology (TIKEL-2) Course responsible
Bachelor projects at K and BIO departments, Coordinator and examiner
KBT185 Chemistry, advanced course (ZBASS-1)

Published: Sat 26 Jan 2013. Modified: Mon 29 Apr 2019