Bill Brox

Adjunct Professor at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Electronics Materials and Systems Laboratory

Bill Brox was the President and CEO from the very beginning of the Institute of Nano- and Micro technology in Gothenburg, Imego, until April 2012.

Today he is running his own company Bill Brox AB and focuses on developing peoples leadership as mentor and sit on boards, i.e. Halmstad Högskola and in SMEs. He is member of IVA, division VI – ”Management”.

During 5 years Bill sat in the board of Vinnova and over the year he has been active in different ”advisory boards” such as MedTech West and SSF programs: NANODEV, NEMS and OXIDE as well as in the Chalmers/VINNOVAs automotive safety program – SAFER.

Bill Brox was previously employed as manager of the department of electronic packaging and production at the Swedish Institute of Production Engineering – IVF, today IVF is part of SWEREA. During this period he managed a large Nordic program on reliability and cleanliness of electronics. Bill Brox and his research team was awarded ”1992 Stratospheric Protection Award” by US EPA for the work to phase out Freon (CFC) in the electronic industry. The program also led to that Bill was invited to conferences worldwide and took part in starting up national programs phasing out CFC in Thailand, Singapore and China.

In 1987 Bill Brox got his PhD at Chalmers University. In 1997 he became adjunct professor at Chalmers after he had developed the electronic production program at the Z-education. He created both the curriculum as well as the practical implementation as lecturer. Bill Brox’s pedagogical skill is well known and was highly appreciated by the students. In the area of research he contributed strongly to the launch of the SSF research program ”Elektronikproduktion” (E-Proper) which laid the foundation for today´s electronic production mad electronic packaging research at Chalmers.

Page manager Published: Mon 24 May 2021.