Ann-Sofie Sandberg

Department of Life Sciences, Division of Food and Nutrition Science

Professor Sandberg is founder of the Division of Food and Nutrition Science. She has focused her research during the last 30 -40 years on bioavailability of minerals and inhibitors of absorption as well as bioactive compounds in seafood of importance in metabolic disease. In recent years she has become interested in early life nutrition and has together with national colleagues established a mother child birth cohort (NICE) in the North of Sweden. The cohort is designed to investigate the influence of lifestyle factors during pregnancy and early in life on immune maturation and allergy development in the children. Professor Sandberg´s research group studies the effect of diet and nutrients, validated with biomarkers, on immune maturation and allergy outcome in the children applying metabolomics and other omics techniques. Furthermore, they study nutritional aspects of the on-going shift from animal to plant-based proteins.

Page manager Published: Thu 15 Dec 2022.