Ankit Bisht

Post doc, Bionanophotonics, Department of Physics

I joined the group as a Post-doctorate researcher in January 2017 after completing my PhD from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). I have dual Master degrees in Nanotechnology from Chalmers and KULeuven (Belgium) under the Erasmus Mundus program (EMM-NANO). My PhD thesis was about design and fabrication of hyperlenses while during my Master’s thesis I worked on on-chip electrical detection of surface plasmons. While at Chalmers I will be working on Plasmon-Exciton interaction between nanoparticles and 2-level systems (J-aggregates, quantum dots, 2D materials etc.) inside optical cavities. I will also be extensively working on various nano-fabrication techniques including e-beam lithography and FDTD electromagnetic simulations.

Page manager Published: Mon 27 Feb 2017.