Andreas Dahlin

Associate Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry

I work in the broad field of bionanotechnology with fabrication of new nanostructures, mainly nanopores in metals and dielectric thin films. I characterize these structures, for instance by analyzing their optical properties. Further, I work with chemical surface functionalization, normally with biomolecules or polymers. My goal is to study and manipulate macromolecules, such as polymer brushes, when they are confined in nanopores. In the long-term I also evaluate whether my functionalized nanopores can be used for various applications, for instance as sensors or filtration devices. Application relate mainly to molecular biology and lab-on-a-chip technology.
​​Master courses at Applied Physics
  • TIF040, Biotechnical Physics (7.5), Lecturer
  • TIF015, Soft Matter Physics (7.5), Lecturer

Published: Mon 06 Mar 2017.