Chalmers’ values

Chalmers’ fundamental values are: Openness, Participation, Respect, Diversity and Quality. They are to permeate all operations.

People come to Chalmers from all over the world to work and study, and companies want to collaborate with us. One reason for this is that we maintain high quality in everything we do. But there is something else that appeals, something unique about every part of our activities, a certain culture.

This culture means that we cherish our community and that all of us – students and employees – care about one another, about how we behave and about the well-being of our fellow students and co-workers. It also means that we stand up for certain values in all situations, and that is something of the utmost importance for us. It really is.

Our ambition is for our collaboration partners to stand up for similar values.

This culture is based on our five fundamental values: openness, participation, diversity, respect and quality. The words themselves are not unique, but in our context, where they are connected to one another, they become both meaningful and relevant.

We consider it self-evident that the study and work environment at Chalmers should provide the same conditions for everyone’s well-being and for everyone to feel able to be open and safe – regardless of gender, transgender or intersex identity or expression, ethnic background, religion or other belief system, disability, sexual orientation or age.

The excellent culture created by our values means that we can develop in a positive manner in both our studies and our work. It also strengthens our reputation as a responsible and credible university that always strives to achieve the highest quality. We succeed more when we all play by the same rules.

Openness – an open and generous atmosphere creates a feeling of security and well-being that provides a basis for creativity and development. Such an atmosphere requires an interest in new thinking, ideas and people. It also requires an openness that manifests in honesty about what we mean and believe so as to avoid uncertainty in the mind of the recipient. We encourage one another and have an open dialogue with feedback.

Participation – to be able to develop our creativity as individuals and achieve our full potential we need to feel involved in a larger context. We achieve this by giving one another the opportunity to be involved in groups, conversations and other activities. We do not allow prejudices, preconceived notions or our own convenience to govern our actions. When we see someone who seems to be excluded, we invite them in to be involved.

Respect – we show others respect by listening to their arguments and allowing for others’ opinions. We never tolerate anyone being harassed or maligned – whether it be in a song, a joke in the lecture theatre, a comment in the rest area or in any other context. We support people who have been victimised by taking action and calling to account those doing the harassing. We take joint responsibility for creating a considerate work and study environment. 

Diversity – there are people of all ages and from all over the world at Chalmers – with different personal characteristics, convictions and values. This diversity is one of Chalmers’ strengths. Meetings between people with different backgrounds, experience and points of view foster creativity and problem solving. This is why it is essential to strengthen and encourage the diversity that exists at Chalmers. Making everyone feel welcome and appreciated also enables us to grow.

Quality – we strive to achieve world-class quality. This applies to our research, education and utilisation, and how we disseminate the results of these to the wider community. Regardless of whether we are dealing with collaboration, contact with the surrounding world or how we communicate on the web and on social media, it is important that we feel a responsibility as Chalmers representatives. This does not limit academic freedom or the right that an individual researcher or student obviously has to express their views on matters of fact.

All of us in the Chalmers community have a responsibility to live up to our fundamental values. We act and react when we feel that others behave in a way that does not match up to our values.

Chalmers Code of Conduct – our individual responsibility

Chalmers fundamental values articulates a Chalmers at its best – the way we always want it to be. Unfortunately that is not always the case.
To clarify how all individuals at Chalmers are expected to live up to our values and have a responsibility regarding the community, Chalmers has a Code of Conduct.
The Code of Conduct is to be signed upon employment for all new staff. Employees already in place takes part of its content it in appraisal talks or other individual meetings with their closest manager.

Page manager Published: Tue 06 Sep 2022.