Lab Resources


Revere Lab provides a number of  technical & non-technical resources to help & support projects achieve their short & long term goals in a systematic manner.

At Revere, we view our research vehicles as test platforms which are equipped with sensors, industrial computers and other testing-related equipment thus allowing us to support a wide range of domestic & international projects. 
As the vehicles are similarly equipped, we encourage cross-platform development to extend proof-of-concept to other vehicle classes. 

With a view to keep up with emerging technologies and remain state-of-the-art, Revere also conducts internal projects to develop the research vehicles. 
The following technical resources are currently available : 
1. Dolly
2. Volvo XC90
3. Volvo FH16 750hp Tractor
4. OpenDLV (open-source software for driver-less vehicles)
4. Revere Simulator (Motion Platform)

The following non-technical resources are currently available :
1. Project Management
2.​ Lab Infrastructure

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